Automotive-Market Targeted Fuel Consumption Sensor Announced

With an improved flow measurement accuracy of ±0.5% over an expanded turndown range of 1000:1, the HORIBA RealFlow: Powered by Sentronics offers unrivalled performance compared to its predecessor. By DA Editor / 30 Jun 2022

Sentronics has announced its partnership with HORIBA UK to launch next generation Ultrasonic Fuel Consumption Measurement Sensor, the HORIBA RealFlow: Powered by Sentronics, for the automotive industry.

Featuring the latest innovative advancements and patented technology in ultrasonic fuel flow sensing, the HORIBA RealFlow provides true under-bonnet installation and real-time measurement of fuel consumption for automotive validation and verification test applications.

With an improved flow measurement accuracy of ±0.5% over an expanded turndown range of 1000:1 it offers unrivalled performance compared to its predecessor. In addition to this, the RealFlow is suitably equipped to measure ultra-low fuel flowrates found in high efficiency road car engines whilst maintaining a small form factor.

This on-vehicle technology has been trusted to uphold compliance and monitor fuel usage in the upper echelons of competitive motorsport over the last 5 years. Now, the low flow variant presents an opportunity for vehicle test houses to unlock these high levels of accuracy, reliability and repeatability. 

Innovative digital processing techniques are harnessed within the instrument to measure time of flight with unprecedented levels of precision commonly associated with bulky, expensive laboratory equipment. With no restrictions on mounting orientation, the small, robust RealFlow is well-suited for direct installation in any engine bay making it an ideal tool for R&D and emissions testing to the RDE and WLTP standards.

HORIBA UK is embedded within the automotive testing industry and provide cutting-edge products, technologies, solutions, and services to vehicle manufacturers. The launch of the RealFlow now adds the capability of precision fuel consumption measurement for on-vehicle testing and perfectly complements the OBS-ONE Portable Emission Equipment that measures engine/vehicle performance under real road conditions. 

Neville Meech, Managing Director at Sentronics, said, “We are delighted to partner with HORIBA UK to launch the RealFlow to their automotive distribution network. Leveraging HORIBA’s extensive global presence, sales support network and their automotive test instrument expertise, our collaboration ensures our Low Flow Fuel Meters are more widely accessible through the HORIBA sales channel.”

Richard Carter, Director at HORIBA UK, said, “Adding this patented technology to our existing line-up of HORIBA emissions testing products continues to show how HORIBA leads the way with innovation-first testing devices. We are excited to now be offering the RealFlow to our customers.”

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