Revolutionizing Patient Care: SonoTT aQuila System Sets New Standard in Blood Flow Measurement

Em-tec introduces the SonoTT aQuila System, a groundbreaking tool enhancing the safety and efficiency of extracorporeal medical treatments. By DA Staff / 28 Mar 2024

Em-tec has unveiled the SonoTT aQuila System, a state-of-the-art non-invasive blood flow measurement technology, tailored for extracorporeal treatments critical to patient survival.

This advanced system is designed to significantly improve the monitoring and management of blood flow during essential medical procedures, such as ECMO, heart-lung machine operations, apheresis, dialysis, and distal perfusion.

The SonoTT aQuila System is engineered to tackle the complexities of extracorporeal treatments, offering precise, real-time monitoring of blood flow. This capability is crucial for early detection of potential complications, such as clogged filters or inadequate blood flow, which can significantly impact treatment outcomes. Furthermore, the system’s ability to promptly detect changes in flow rates is essential for responding to patient needs and adjusting treatment protocols swiftly.

Recording and documenting blood flow measurements is another standout feature of the SonoTT aQuila System. This functionality not only aids in immediate patient care but also enhances long-term treatment planning and analysis, providing a comprehensive dataset that can be integrated into electronic patient files for easy access and reference.

The SonoTT aQuila System is a step forward in patient-centric care. With flexibility to be used across various treatment methods, the system ensures that patient safety and treatment quality are maintained at the highest standards.

Developed and produced in Finning, Germany, the system not only underscores Em-tec’s commitment to healthcare innovation but also bolsters the region’s reputation as a hub for high-tech and medical advancements.

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