High Accuracy Out-of-Liquid Mass Flow Module Launched

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, IST AG's new thermal OOL mass flow meter can be easily integrated into new or existing industrial systems. By DA Editor / 26 May 2022

IST AG has launched a new Out-of-Liquid mass flow module. Accurate, robust and ready-to-use, the compact and corrosion-resistant module is suitable for flow monitoring and leakage detection of various liquids.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications from cooling circuits, dosing pumps, white goods, CIP systems for food industry, agricultural machines, industrial wet vacuum cleaners and gear oil used in metalworking and mining, IST AG’s new thermal OOL mass flow meter can be easily integrated into new or existing industrial systems.

Its robust housing contains IST AG’s well-established OOL technology that makes the corrosion resistant thermal mass flow ideal for flow monitoring of aqueous solutions, alcohols and oils and aggressive liquids.

IST AG’s OOL mass flow meter comes as a plug&play solution factory-calibrated for DI-water at a great price-performance ratio. Its mass flow and temperature measurements are transmitted via I2C digital outputs. It is mechanically robust, highly accurate, has a dynamic range and is sensitive at low flow rated with no pressure loss.

Further features include:

Calibration range:                                0.1-20 kg/h
Temperature compensated:              from +5 °C to +50 °C
Fluidic connection:                              tubing with 4 mm inner diameter
Flow channel inner dimensions:       3.7 mm
Single wetted material:                       stainless steel 1.4301
Response time t63:                              0.5 seconds

With the OOL mass flow meter IST AG is meeting the demand to provide an active flow sensor module. It is the ideal product for customers looking for a ready-made digital flow sensor. Thank to its factory calibration it needs no assembly and can be plugged into an application and is ready to monitor flow and temperature.

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