Infrared Pyrometer for Non-Contact Temperature Measurements Introduced

Micro-Epsilon's infrared thermoMETER CTM-4 pyrometer precisely detects temperatures from 0 °C to 500 °C, with a signal of just 90 µs being sufficient for non-contact temperature detection. By DA Editor / 07 Dec 2021

Micro-Epsilon have introduced the new infrared thermoMETER CTM-4 pyrometer.

The thermoMETER CTM-4 measures temperatures from 0 °C to 500 °C with extremely high speed and precision. While previous models work in the millisecond range, a signal of just 90 µs is sufficient for non-contact temperature measurements. The temperature value is output every 300 µs.

The temperature sensor works with a spectral range from 2.2 up to 6 µm wavelength. This enables high flexibility for versatile fields of application. Measurements can be made on metals and non-metals such as ceramics and plastics. In the packaging industry, for example, hot-melt adhesives are measured.

Another application can be found in rail traffic, where moving components such as wheel bearings and brakes of railway wagons are measured whilst the train is moving.

The controller and sensor are installed separately, which is a space-saving method to enable integration even in restricted spaces. Measurement values can also be output via different interfaces. For quick parameter set up, an integrated USB interface is used. CompactPlus Connect software is included in the scope of supply and offers various setting options.

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