New Hydrostatic Fuel Level Sender Announced

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

FUK based sensor specialists, Fozmula Ltd, has extended its already impressive line up of liquid level senders with a new Model, the T/LL200 series hydrostatic based sender.  This development enhances the Company’s array of continuous level sensing equipment which now offers engineers and buyers with a good selection of products for their applications.

Fozmula’s remit was to employ ultra reliable design concepts in respect of the level measuring method.  For that reason it was decided to use a differential pressure measuring method rather than the absolute pressure measurement method because it was seen to offer fewer potential opportunities for error.  Additionally, the 4-20mA industry standard output was selected together with 0-5V as an alternate.

In several other products Fozmula has utilised hydrostatic technology via a simple pressure sensing diaphragm but the accuracy obtained is little more than an indication of the liquid level which, of course, may be quite suitable for certain applications.  By employing a high accuracy piezoresistive silicon sensor, the improvements in accuracy have been significant and are not adversely affected by fluid temperature.
The sensing element, mounted in a stainless steel housing which acts as both protection and a sinker weight, has to remain at the bottom of the tank to provide accurate readings.  Connecting the sensor to the outside of the tank is done via a small capillary tube which can easily avoid any internal obstructions in the tank, such as supporting baffles, and the tube terminates into a custom moulded header.  This header offers a selection of mounting thread sizes or an SAE 5 holes flange.

Designed largely for use in static fuel tanks, the sender can operate at up to 4 metres in depth and is individually factory calibrated to its tank.  Its materials of construction being stainless steel, nylon 6 and polyurethane allow the T/LL200 to be used in a wide range of differing types of fuels.

For more than 30 years, Fozmula has continued to pioneer the design and manufacture of a wide range of electromechanical, mechanical and electronics sensors, gauges and switches for equipment requiring liquid level, temperature and pressure measurement worldwide. The T/LL200 underlines Fozmula’s commitment to maintaining its reputation for innovation and design excellence.

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