NFC Configurable Encoder Launched

Wachendorff's WDGN encoders offer a very high resolution of up to 16,384 I/U in a very compact design from 36 mm. By DA Editor / 17 May 2022

The new WDGN series of incremental encoders from Wachendorff Automation enables configuration of any pulse count from 1 I/U to 16,384 I/U via NFC.

Depending on the equipment, Basic or Advanced, further parameters can be set via APP using NFC.

After downloading the Wachendorff WDGN app to a smartphone, the desired parameters and values can be configured without contact or voltage and if necessary, through the outer packaging.

Created encoder configurations can be saved under different names, reloaded at any time and transferred to another encoder. This means that saved configuration sets can be used for the encoder in different applications. The configuration set of an encoder can be read out, saved, shared and reused for other encoders at any time after entering the PIN. The PIN and PUK principle is used for security.

Advantages for the user include:

  • In the development phase, when there is uncertainty about which number of pulses the encoder needs to run optimally, the WDGN encoder offers the necessary flexibility to test the optimum number of pulses. As soon as the optimum configuration has been found, the user receives an encoder with the same technological features for use in series production – but without an NFC antenna for cost reasons. A second qualification is no longer necessary. 
  • Optimum spare parts, logistics and warehouse management become possible. Never again will an encoder be sent with an incorrect pulse count. Because communication with the encoder takes place via NFC as opposed to the internert, the desired parameter values can be set just-in-time by the recipient. 
  • In the application, the WDGN encoders offer a high resolution of up to 16,384 I/U in a compact design from 36 mm. This means that high-precision measurements can be realised in even the smallest installation space.

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