Racelogic Introduce IMU04 Inertial Measurement Unit

By DA Staff / 02 Feb 2014

Racelogic IMU04 Inertial Measurement UnitRacelogic has introduced a new Inertial Measurement Unit, the IMU04. The new calibration method and improvement in sensor technology gives the new IMU04 a much higher accuracy than before, allowing very accurate velocity and attitude measurements to be made.

When IMU data is integrated with the GPS signal from the VBOX3i it improves the quality of the speed and heading signals in areas of poor satellite reception – such as tree-lined roads – ensuring that testing is consistent even when conditions are not ideal.

This integration also removes speed overshoot due to the roof mounting of the GPS antenna during brake tests. The ‘lever-arm’ effect is counteracted by combining the GPS signal with that of the IMU, mounted at the car’s centre of gravity.

Using the IMU04 with a VBOX3i also provides high accuracy pitch and roll angle measurements, accurate to 0.1˚ (RMS). It can also be used as a standalone sensor, outputting acceleration and angular rates via CAN.

The new IMU04 is IP67 rated and has a small form factor, measuring only 76mm x 64mm x 29mm, with a mounting flange.

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