VBOX Pro – The new GPS video overlay data logger from Racelogic

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

vbox-proResponding to the rising demand in the automotive and motorsports industries for video integrated with GPS and vehicle datalogging, Racelogic have released the Video VBOX Pro.
The new product, which follows the success of their original Video VBOX, enables users to record DVD quality video with up to four cameras, synchronised with 10Hz GPS datalogging and sharp real time graphics. Video VBOX Pro has already found its way into a variety of applications, from vehicle testing, to defence, and professional racing.

Racelogic launched the affordable Video VBOX Lite in 2009, which is now enjoyed by racing drivers and track day enthusiasts around the world for recording and analysis. The new Pro is positioned at the top end of the market alongside their VBOX range of dataloggers and modules. Housed in a robust anodised aluminium case with lemo connectors, the Video VBOX Pro is designed to operate in a range of industrial conditions. Whilst it contains a 10Hz GPS engine at present, Racelogic plan to make 20Hz capability available soon, further increasing the accuracy.

In addition to multi camera video and GPS datalogging, the Video VBOX Pro has a CAN interface, with the option of 32 channels to integrate vehicle data such as throttle angle, RPM, and exhaust temperature. Data can be analysed with the new Circuit Tools software, or VBOX Tools for even deeper analysis.

Julian Thomas, MD at Racelogic, said: “Whether you need a system for race recording and analysis or for development and verification of vehicle safety systems, Video VBOX Pro offers a new dimension to high accuracy datalogging.”

Prices start from £1649.

More information including the datasheet is available on www.videovbox.co.uk

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