Bottom-Up Glass Inspection System Introduced

Optris'new glass inspection system combines two VGA imagers with a maximum field of view of 111°, resulting in an excellent 1600 pixels scan line resolution on maximum 4,3 m scan width. By DA Editor / 13 May 2022

Optris has announced a new glass inspection system that provides a fresh approach to temperature measurement in the production of low-e glass. Low emissivity glass poses a major challenge for infrared devices which are traditionally measuring the glass temperature from above when the panes moved out of the furnace during production.

The new bottom-up glass inspection system solves this problem by having two infrared imagers installed underneath the tempering line which measure the temperature on the non-coated high emissivity side of the glass.

The combination of two VGA imagers with a maximum field of view of 111° results in an excellent 1600 pixels scan line resolution on maximum 4,3 m scan width.

An ultra-fast CTlaser 4M pyrometer with 90 µs exposure time combined with the digitally controlled lens protection system (DCLP) is a reliable safeguard for both infrared cameras in case of glass breakage.

Important Specifications

  • Compact bottom up system for coating independent
    underneath measurement
  • Integrated ultra-fast glass breakage detection combined
    with Digitally controlled lens protection system (DCLP)
  • Pre-assembled system for easy installation on glass
    tempering furnaces
  • Glass area calculation

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