Circuit Tools 1.2 Available to Download from Racelogic

By DA Staff / 06 Feb 2011

Racelogic has announced a new (multi language!) version of the highly rated Circuit Tools analysis software, which many drivers and racers are using to find ways to drastically cut their lap times.

The main new feature of Circuit Tools 1.2 is a new way to directly compare lap times using GPS position, using the same technology as the ‘LineSnap’ predictive lap timing display for more accurate comparisons between laps and drivers.

When analysing laps in Circuit Tools, you can now set the x-axis of the data graph to GPS position (as well as the current options of time and distance).

Circuit Tools version 1.2 also includes the ability to:

  • Print / export data from all windows
  • Crop AVI video footage (useful for exporting single lap videos)
  • Apply a smoothing value for acceleration channels
    (LatAcc, LongAcc, Combined G)

It is now also available in Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese as well as English.

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