High Resolution Submersible Tilt Sensor Developed

Positek's S613 tilt sensor range provides high-resolution, large-angle position feedback for harsh-industrial and marine applications By DA Editor / 17 May 2022

Variohm Eurosensor has further expanded its tilt sensor range with Positek’s new S613 series; a range that integrates high-resolution inductive sensing technology in a fully sealed IP68-rated 10-Bar submersible housing design with a large tilt angle measurement capability.

Positek’s non-contacting linear, rotary, and tilt displacement sensor technology is well proven for its durability, long life, and exceptionally reliable operation in industrial, marine, and scientific applications.

With the factory setting of the customer’s tilt travel requirement between +/- 7.5° to +/- 80°, the S613’s calibrated angle output, which may be specified in a wide choice of voltage or current output options, has an independent linearity/hysteresis specification of less than +/- 0.25°.

Particularly suited to severe industrial and marine-based applications such as crane & hoist, construction machinery or drilling platforms, although competitively priced for use on less arduous measurement tasks, the S613’s 10 g shock and 40 g vibration rating (IEC 68-2) contributes to exceptional reliability over an operating temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.

Positek’s ASIC control technology interprets the absolute position of embedded inductive coils to provide a proportional, high-bandwidth DC analogue output signal with essentially infinite resolution. In comparison to alternative LVDT/RVDT and magneto-strictive sensors, no further signal condition is required, and furthermore the space-efficient Positek sensor has a much smaller coil design, a superior stroke-to-length ratio and does not require the use of expensive magnetic materials.

In this way, Positek sensors cost-effectively offers the simplicity of potentiometer-based sensors while its non-contacting LVDT principle, developed and patented by Positek, provides exceptionally long life (MTBF – 350,000 hrs at 40°C Gf).

The compact S613 features a robust and fully sealed 35 mm diameter by 44 mm long stainless-steel housing. An integral 60 mm diameter mounting flange with two wide mounting slots and a choice of input shafts facilitates straightforward mounting. A wide choice of output options include 0.5 … 4.5 V ratiometric from a 5V supply, several buffered DC voltage outputs and 2- or 3-wire, 4…20 mA current outputs from a nominal 24V DC input. Electrical connection is via a Pg7 gland and cable arrangement with customer specified length up to 50 cm.

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