ifm Products Receive iF Design Award

The LI51XX series level sensor and the multi-cover puck from ifm have received the renowned iF Design Award, which is given once a year by iF International Forum Design GmbH By DA Editor / 25 May 2022

The LI51XX series level sensor and the multi-cover puck from ifm have received the renowned iF Design Award this year.

The iF Design Award has been one of the most important quality seals when it comes to design and relevance in business and everyday life since 1953. The iF award is given once a year by the world’s oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover. T

The iF label is internationally established as a symbol for outstanding design achievements, awarding honours design achievements from disciplines including product, packaging, communication and service design, architecture and interior design as well as professional concept.

LI51XX Level Sensors

Martin Schmidt, Industrial Design & Innovation Strategy, explains what was so special about the LI project: “Being closely involved from the first idea to series production and being able to put my ideas into practice was really special here. We evaluated our solution approaches in each decision-making process with the help of various versions of prototypes and proceeded with the best solution on a topic-specific basis. The final result is a really great team performance. Together, we were able to find the best compromise between economic efficiency, feasibility, usability and context-appropriate and formal design.” This is also reflected by the product: The LI helps to produce efficiently and sustainably. Efficiently, because it prevents empty or overflowing tanks, for example. Sustainably, as it prevents plant downtimes and increased maintenance; it maintains itself, so to speak, and can therefore be used for real-time maintenance purposes.

Position Feedback on Quarter-Turn Actuators – The Multi-Cover Puck

“The multi-cover puck was one of the first projects that I was able to accompany from the product design department,” says Anna Küpker, Industrial Design & Innovation Strategy. During development, we were able to draw on an already very well developed and designed product, which we have extended with functionalities for complex applications. From a product design perspective, the team particularly focused on the flexible indicator system.”

Concerning the design, it was particularly important to the team to make installation as easy as possible for the user and at the same time to allow adjustment during operation in order to be able to react to changing conditions in the plant: “To this end, we worked together with customers and were able to incorporate their needs into the design through targeted user surveys,” explains Küpker. The knowledge gained in this way was implemented through task-appropriate and self-describing user guidance during installation.

The possible valve positions to be displayed are automatically determined by predefined stops in which the indicator elements are located. The ergonomic design of the indicators offers optimal operability for the user. “On the one hand, I am particularly pleased that the indicator system has now been patented and that we have thus been able to set a new standard in valve sensor technology, and on the other hand that with the puck a concept has been developed that makes its contribution to more sustainability through parts recycling and multifunctional applicability,” says Küpker.

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