Innovative Air and Gas Bubble Detector Increases Process Reliability

Baumer’s PAD20 detects air and gas bubbles in process media to prevent pumps from running dry and the entailed facility downtime By DA Editor / 23 Nov 2021

Awarded the 2021 Dairy Technology Prize for Environment and Sustainability, Baumer’s PAD20 sensor detects small gas and air inclusions, thus preventing pumps from running dry and the entailing facility downtime.  

The PAD20 was originally produced for a customer in the food and beverage industry who wanted to prevent their installations and pumps from running dry during empty container exchange. However, transport containers with fruit concentrate should, simultaneously, be fully emptied to exploit maximum resources. This particular issue lacked a solution until the development of the PAD20, which can detect air and gas bubbles in the dosing operation of fruit concentrate, thus identifying the optimum time for container exchange.

Thanks to its innovative operating principle, the PAD20 is an ideal product for monitoring heating and cooling systems in mechanical plant engineering. Detecting air and gas bubbles that directly impair equipment performance and function, the sensor increases system efficiency with process stabilization in parallel. 

Julian Budde, Baumer’s process sensor product manager said: “Air and gas inclusions in process media lead to plant downtime, maintenance effort and reduced product quality. Such inclusions pose a major challenge to varied industries. The intelligent detection of such inclusions is a smart Baumer solution.” 

The sensor is also capable of detecting liquids with a dielectric constant higher than 1.5, providing maximum flexibility. Two individually defined switching ranges allow users to optimally adjust the sensor to the process requirements. 

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