New OLCT 100-XP-MS Gas Detectors Incorporate Cutting-Edge MEMS Sensors

Teledyne’s new gas detectors combine MEMS with catalytic and IR sensors, providing precise multi-gas detection. By DA Staff / 09 Jul 2024

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection has unveiled its new OLCT100-XP-MS range of flammable gas detectors, incorporating state-of-the-art MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) sensor technology. This innovation ensures highly accurate readings for over 14 common combustible gases and gas mixtures, including hydrogen, methane, propane, and butane. MEMS sensors provide significant advantages over traditional sensor technologies, particularly in challenging environments where catalytic sensors may fall short.

Typically, industry professionals choose between gas detectors with catalytic sensors or infrared (IR) sensors. While effective, these conventional options have limitations. Catalytic sensors require frequent bump testing to prevent sensor poisoning, and IR sensors cannot detect hydrogen. As the industry increasingly looks to hydrogen as a cleaner energy alternative, the need for advanced hydrogen detection solutions grows.

MEMS technology significantly enhances gas detection by offering precise readings in % LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) for specific gases or gas/vapor mixtures present in the environment. The OLCT100-XP-MS integrates catalytic oxidation, IR, and MEMS sensor technologies in one device, providing a comprehensive solution for flammable gas detection regardless of environmental or operational challenges.

This versatile detector is particularly well-suited for the energy sector, including petrochemical and oil and gas industries. It also offers multi-gas protection for applications such as lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), industrial manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and fire response.

According to Régis Prévost, Product Line Manager at Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, “Our flammable gas detector with thermal conductivity technology supported by MEMS sensor provides accurate, automatic readings without correction factors, along with automatic gas classification.” He adds that the device delivers “unprecedented reliability and accuracy,” and reduces false alarms by compensating for environmental factors like temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Extreme conditions can damage or poison other sensor types, leading to performance issues and increased costs. In contrast, the MEMS technology in the OLCT100-XP-MS is poison-immune, operating reliably with an integral self-test for failsafe operations, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Prévost emphasizes the durability and reliability of the OLCT100-XP-MS, noting, “With its robust design and highly engineered construction, our low-maintenance OLCT100-XP-MS comes with a two-year warranty. Indeed, such is our confidence in this innovative flammable gas detector that users can expect many years of reliable and accurate operation in the most demanding industry applications.”

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