Ixthus Instrumentation Announces Distribution Partnership with Burster GmbH

The partnership marries Burster's affinity for more obscure requirements and Ixthus' comprehensive measurement service from component level solutions to complete instrumentation systems. By DA Editor / 14 Apr 2022

Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd has announced its new status as a distribution partner with Burster GmbH, a German precision instrument and sensor manufacturer, supplying complete solutions for torque, force, and angle measurement across a wide range of industries.

Amongst a variety of more conventional measurement applications that include test stands for motor and drive performance evaluation and industrial press monitoring systems, Burster also undertakes more obscure requirements. For instance, its 8661 series torque sensor was recently assigned for use in an interesting task to ensure optimal screw fitting of titanium dental implants whilst a dual-range version of the same sensor was used to measure the static and dynamic torques in a test setup for a desk fan. Equally unusual, Burster’s 8417 series load cell helped a bicycle component manufacturer to test the pulling forces of Bowden-type brake cables.

These more unusual applications all demand highly dynamic sensor performance through high resolution/precision measurement with high sampling rates and mechanical durability. The dental implant application in particular measures ultra-low torque measurement around 15 to 50 Ncm at speeds up to 2000 rpm as part of a strict no-compromise surgical procedure. The desk fan evaluation measures bidirectional static and dynamic torque to ensure optimal performance in the motor selection and fan design during the development phase of the product. Similarly, the Bowden cable transmitted force measurement application helps cable designers ensure the best performance for a range of cable diameter and radius of curvature simulated test set-ups.

The 8661 series torque sensor has a  0 … ±10 V output signal or optional USB interface for use with Burster’s DigiVision data acquisition PC software which also includes DLL and LabVIEW drivers. Available in several single range models from 0 … 0.02 Nm up to 0 … 1000 Nm as well as dual-range versions, the sensor can also be supplied with a 2000-line encoder to provide precise speed feedback as well as angular displacement to 0.09°. The 8417 series miniature cylindrical load cell covers measuring ranges from 0 … 10 N to 0 … 5 k for tension or compression force between its axially mounted metric exterior threads.

Burster’s wide range of sensor electronics extends to amplifier and transmitter modules, process control instruments, digital indicators, and more. As the exclusive UK and Ireland distribution partner for Burster GmbH and other globally leading sensor manufacturers, Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd provides a comprehensive measurement service from component level solutions to complete instrumentation systems. 

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