KA Sensors Introduce New Turbo Speed Sensor

By DA Staff / 06 Jan 2014

Turbo Speed SensorKA Sensors has introduced a new Turbo Speed/Temperature Sensor System, which has been designed for use on performance engines as a control or analysis instrument.

The new KTSM sensor uses well defined and proven Eddy Current Technology to directly detect either aluminium or titanium compressor blades, and the ruggedized system has a very high degree of endurance against EMC, temperature and vibration that can be found in the engine compartment.

The system comprises of a control unit and a replaceable plug and play sensor.

The speed signal output can be measured as a TTL pulse per blade, pulse per revolution or analogue 0-5V, and the maximum speed of measurement is 400,000rpm

Temperature is also measured at the tip of the sensor and presented as a 0-5V analogue signal, and the number of blades can set from 1 to 16 in the small control unit

The sensor function can be determined by a multi-colour LED and also a test signal is available to help optimise the blade to sensor tip gap. Connection to the sensor is via standard Autosport connector and supply/output connections are via a fixed cable.

The sensor is available with a standard M5x0.5 mounting thread which gives fine adjustment during installation.

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