Latest software released, now with new “Simulated Lap Time” feature

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

Sim_lap_timeThe simulation to the left is like comparing your driving performance with an ideal driving instructor. When the track map is blue you were driving at the limit of the vehicle’s performance, in red and yellow areas improvements are possible. This is a very easy to use yet powerful new tool which gives unique visual feedback on the areas to focus on to reduce your lap times.

Also included in our software now is a remote support program – this enables you to hand over your mouse and PC screen to us and we can talk and guide you through any tricky support questions – making support much more clear and effect. Another innovative first from Race Technology. Furthermore we have improved many Analysis Tools in the software, and everything is Windows Vista checked and approved. Best of all, this is for free – unlike some vendors we don’t charge for any software updates. Firmware and PC software updates are all available free of charge and without limitation to all of our customers, for life.

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