New Contactless Position Sensor for Clutch Control and Brake Calliper Measurement in F1

By DA Staff / 27 Oct 2012

Brake Caliper Position SensorA top Formula One Championship Winning Team approached Magni-Tec Sensing Technology to solve the problems they were experiencing with the operation of the LVDT sensors used in their clutch operating system and those fitted to brake callipers to measure pad and disc wear. The team were looking for a reliable high-temperature position sensor but without the complicated 5-wire AC operating circuit required to operate the many LVDT sensors used on each car. It was critical the sensor was designed within strict parameters, such as a body diameter no more than 8.0mm, a housing length less than 30mm, and a minimum operating temperature of 200°C, and the sensor could experience excursions greater than 800°C.

The technology offered was a Magni-Coil® High-Temperature Linear Position Sensor, which has patented magnetic-inductive technology and operates from a simple 3-wire low-current circuit. The new Magni-Coil® sensor is specifically designed to replace the complicated electronic circuits used for LVDT sensors. Reliability is paramount and the signal-conditioning electronics offers sufficient versatility to meet the application requirements with a minimum number of components. Fewer components and electrical connections equal’s greater reliability.

The sensor is fully encapsulated, sealed to IP67 & IP69K against the ingress of fluid and debris, and was considered an ideal solution for the team’s sensor applications. The superior Magni-Coil® sensor has a moulded in-line miniature signal-conditioning module, which is situated in the wiring loom away from the harsh environment. It operates from a 5Vdc supply and the output signal of 0.5V-4.5Vdc. Additionally, the electronics and sensor electrical connections are fully encapsulated to provide the necessary environmental protection required for reliable and stable signals under severe vibration, acceleration, mechanical and thermal shock. The precision matched magnetic coils of the Magni-Coil® sensor provides improved accuracy and a temperature performance (thermal drift), that is typically <±0.005%FS/°C.

Magni-Coil® technology has been homologated by the FIA for use in the Formula 1 World Championship.

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