New GPS Speed Sensor measures Slip, Pitch, and Roll

By DA Staff / 04 Jun 2013

VBOX GPS Speed SensorRacelogic Ltd has launched a new dual antenna GPS Speed Sensor which can be used to measure Slip, Pitch, and Roll at 100Hz. It is the first of Racelogic’s VBOX products to include a Yaw rate sensor, and has been developed to ensure Slip translation calculations and Yaw rate measurements are accurate.

To accompany this, the Config software has also been revamped to allow users to quickly and easily set the parameters for the application. This product is also compatible with Racelogic’s versatile control unit – VBOX File Manager – allowing changes to antenna separation, dynamic modes, and elevation mask settings.

The dual antenna Speed Sensor includes advanced lap timing functionality with the option to set Start, Stop, and Split points through the software or via digital input. Additional Brake Stop parameters for deceleration, corrected distance, and standard brake tests have also been built in.

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