New High-Sensitivity TMR Sensor Announced

NVE's new analog magnetometer ALT023 offers 10x better performance than its predeccessor, allowing for low power consumption whilst still offering a high sensitivity of 200mV/V/mT. By DA Editor / 19 Jan 2022

Angst+Pfister has introduced NVE’s new ALT023, which can precisely measure fields from a few microtesla to 1 millitesla (10 Oe).

The differential bipolar output with close to no minimum power supply lets the product operate in a wide industrial temperature range between -40°C and +125°C. The 20kOhm device, resistance with a bandwidth of 300kHz, allows low power consumption whilst still offering high sensitivity of 200mV/V/mT in a sub 1% linearity full-scale.

The devices comes in a 2.5 x 2.5 mm TDFN package and are suitable for non-contact sensing applications such as position detection for mechatronics, robotics as well as geomagnetic navigation.

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