New Humidity and Temperature Sensor is Designed for Challenging Conditions

The new EE212 humidity and temperature sensor from E+E Elektronik is suitable for challenging measurement tasks in climate technology, agriculture and the pharmaceuticals industry By Phoebe Grinter / 13 May 2021

E+E Elektronik has released the new EE212 humidity and temperature sensor with interchangeable sensing module, E+E sensor coating and robust IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure suitable for challenging measurement tasks across industries including climate technology, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. 

The EE212’s sensing head accommodates a sensing module with a latest generation high-precision E+E humidity and temperature sensing element. Modular probe design enables easy replacement of the sensing module in a few steps and without the need for tools.

In addition to accurate measurement of the humidity and temperature, the sensor calculates various humidity-related parameters such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity and mixing ratio. 

Encapsulated electronics inside the module are protected against condensation, and a wide choice of different filter caps is available for the sensing probe.

The measured values are available on two configurable analogue outputs. Three other physical quantities can be displayed on the optional graphic display. 

With free EE-PCS configuration software, the measurands assignments, output scaling and display can be adjusted.

A wall version and a duct version of the EE212 are available and proven HVAC enclosure allows the sensor to be mounted with closed cover. This means that electronics are protected against construction site pollution. 

The enclosure screws with bayonet closures facilitate fast opening and closing of the cover to complete the electrical installation. For use in the US market, the enclosure features a knockout for a ½” conduit fitting.

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