New Leak Detection Instrumentation for MAP Packaging

The Dansensor LeakPointer H2O visual bubble leak detection system from AMETEK MOCON is ideal for locating leaks in all types of Modified Atmosphere Packaging in the food industry By Phoebe Grinter / 08 Jul 2021

AMETEK MOCON has launched a visual bubble leak detection system to locate leaks in all types of flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid packages in the food industry.

The Dansensor LeakPointer H2O is used for package leak testing for MAP packaging and other packaging methods. Using this system, customers can quickly locate the leak in food packaging.

Regardless of whether a package has headspace, or little or no headspace – such as vacuum or skin packaging – the Dansensor LeakPointer H2O can pinpoint very small holes with great precision.

“With the new Dansensor LeakPointer H2O, testing for packaging integrity is faster and more convenient,” says Steen Andreasen, Product Manager at MOCON Europe A/S. 

“What is more, with the new LeakPointer H2O, you can even test regardless of the gas mixture within the package, which increases its applicability. Simply use the optional digital pressure meter to ensure accurate testing, even on difficult packages.”

The instrument is ergonomically designed for operator safety and convenience, in particular so operators can avoid heavy lifting, reduce messy water dripping during usage, and simplify troublesome cleaning processes.

Complying with the ASTM D3078 standard, the instrument fills and drains water by utilizing a vacuum generated from compressed air. A mounted hydraulic lid reduces messy dripping, and a removable and easily cleanable tub and a quick-release hose enable users to fill and empty the tub without heavy lifting.

Andreasen, added, “The Dansensor LeakPointer H2O is the perfect addition to your quality control process. It can be used alone or, to achieve the ultimate leak detection solution, it can be combined with the Dansensor LeakPointer 3 or LeakPointer 3+.”

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