New VIDEO4 Enhancement Options – Including Internal GPS

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

Video is the ultimate addition to your data, and our VIDEO4 units offer some exceptional features. Now our VIDEO4 units can be customised to further suit your needs. Whether you want a complex modular system, or a simple single box solution with built in GPS and accelerometers, it is all possible. As well as the standard 2 and 4 camera units (the 4 camera unit having the exceptional 16:9 widescreen ability) the following new features are now available:

5Hz GPS + 2g Accelerometers – If you don’t own one of our data loggers, it may be preferable to incorporate one into the VIDEO4 unit. Add standard 5Hz GPS data for accurate speed/position data and track maps. 2g accelerometers for analysing your braking and cornering forces.

Analogue and RPM inputs – Add 4 analogue inputs and the all important RPM input to the unit. This is a perfect accompaniment to the 5Hz GPS + 2g option. This system fulfils most people’s needs, negating the need for an additional data logger in the system.

20Hz Advanced GPS – An upgrade over the 5Hz GPS + 2g accelerometers option. Increased speed and position accuracy, with higher GPS resolution. Download corrections from the internet with advanced PPP mode.

6g Accelerometers – An upgrade over the 5Hz GPS + 2g accelerometers option. 6g accelerometers are recommended for applications that use large aerodynamic aids.

Battery Backup – Having a built in battery backup allows the system to close the recording successfully, and continue to log data, even with unexpected power outages from the vehicle.

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