New VIDEO4 Firmware – New features and big quality improvement for widescreen recording

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

Race Technology’s engineering egg-heads have been working away at the VIDEO4 firmware and added yet more features and increased the widescreen video quality even further. The 2 big changes are:

  • The image processing in widescreen mode is now more intelligent and as a result the video quality is much improved, particularly when recording video with lots of movement typical of race data.
  • You can now place multiple cropped full resolution images, this allows layouts such as:

These example videos have been done at the request of some of our customers. The first wanted to investigate the deflection of the tyre side wall under load, and the second wanted to see if the VIDEO4 was suitable for accurately measuring how close to curbs the driver was getting. In this case the tests were done on the road, but the information is also useful for race applications.
For more info on the VIDEO4: UK and Rest of World – US
To download the new firmware please visit: UK and Rest of World – US

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