Non-Invasive Next Generation Personal Bladder Sensor for Urinary Incontinence

The DFree® device monitors the bladder using a noninvasive ultrasound sensor and notifies users or caregivers when necessary to prevent accidents By DA Staff / 18 Jan 2021

A next generation wireless bladder sensor has been developed by Triple W – intended to provide users with digital health technology to improve their quality of life and enjoy more freedom, independence, and control of their healthcare needs.

The DFree® device monitors the bladder using a noninvasive ultrasound sensor and notifies users or caregivers via smartphone or tablet when necessary to prevent accidents. The new form factor, similar in size to a matchbox, is attached to the lower abdomen and monitors the user’s bladder safely using a personal ultrasound sensor, securely relaying the data to a user’s mobile device.

“Our elegantly designed personal sensor will enable seniors and people with disability with urinary incontinence more freedom and independence,” said company CEO Atsushi Nakanishi “the sleek design improves wearability and promotes confidence allowing users the ability to predict and plan ahead, taking charge of their health needs”.

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, urinary incontinence affects 500 million people worldwide, and affects more than 25 million Americans.

Triple W launched the world’s first personal bladder sensor in 2018 and won the “Best of CES 2019” award in the Digital Health category. DFree® offers individuals managing incontinence improved peace of mind from accidental leaks. Seniors and people with disability who need to manage a loss of bladder control have an alternative to disposable diapers or pads and medications with the DFree® line of ultrasound sensors for incontinence.

The next generation product is a smaller, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers offering users improved freedom of movement and quality of life.

The DFree® sensor is expected to begin shipping in late 2021 and will be available directly to consumers through the company website and from certified retailers and distributers, including Cardinal Health.

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