Racelogic launch IP66 Sealed VBOX Inertial Measurement Unit

By DA Staff / 08 Jan 2011

Racelogic VBOXRacelogic Ltd, manufacturers of the world-renowned VBOX range of GPS-based performance analysers and data loggers, are pleased to announce the introduction of a sealed version of the VBOX Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU02).

The IMU02 is an advanced inertial measurement sensor containing three accelerometers and three Yaw rate sensors which, when combined with the VBOX III, provide acceleration measurements in the X, Y and Z planes and also pitch, roll and yaw measurements in these planes. A seventh output channel provides temperature measurements.
Using synchronous 24-bit sampling for each of the internal sensors, a high degree of accuracy is obtained, with yaw rate resolution better than 0.1 degree per second and acceleration resolution down to 0.002g.
Each IMU02 is carefully temperature calibrated to ensure stability and reliability in use.

• Yaw rate range: ±150°/s
• Acceleration range: ±1.7g in each axis
• Internal temperature compensation.
• Yaw rate resolution typically better than: 0.5°/s
• Acceleration resolution: 0.002g
• Temperature range (calibrated): –10°C to +50°C
• Temperature range (operating): –30°C to +70°C
• Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
• CAN Bus interface for use as a stand-alone sensor.

The IMU02 has been developed in response to customers wishing to use an IMU in harsher environments such as on trucks, boats and earth moving equipment.

The IMU02 has a voltage input range of 6-30VDC and is constructed with a rugged IP66 rated splash-proof casing, 92mm (w), 48mm (h), 88mm (l).

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