SPEEDBOX RTK – GPS Compass With Ultra Fast Lock Measures Slip Angles On The Race Track Or On-Highway

By DA Staff / 09 Jan 2011

Race Technology’s SPEEDBOX with RTK option uses “Moving Base Real Time Kinematics” GPS technology to accurately measure vehicle yaw and pitch 20 times per second.

This unique GPS compass system typically regains lock in just 5 seconds in real world conditions. The image above illustrates how the system has full lock as it approaches the bridge. As it passes under the dual carriageway lock is lost. 2.5 seconds later and GPS lock is regained, with a full RTK lock returning in 5 seconds. This is far better than any competitor system, with most taking over 30 seconds in the same conditions and some taking several minutes. So, whilst other systems are only suitable for use at test tracks where there are no GPS obstructions, our system can also be used on a race track or on public roads.

For more info on the SPEEDBOX with RTK option: UK and rest of worldUS

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