Aerospace Defense Stress Analysis with StressCheck

  • Webinar Type On Demand
  • Date June 9, 2020

Over the past 25 years, ESRD has pioneered and developed an advanced FEA numerical simulation technology that is well-suited for detailed stress analysis of complex parts associated with the aerospace defense industry. StressCheck produces the highest fidelity results and delivers guaranteed reliability.

StressCheck has become the “Go-To” tool in the aerospace defense industry for analysis of critical components, sub-assemblies and assemblies in the areas of detailed stress analysis, fracture mechanics, composite materials and many other applications exhibiting challenging detailed linear or non-linear behavior. Aerospace defense design requires razor-thin margins, lightweight structures and acute stress concentrations, so it’s essential to have a tool like StressCheck that can capture high stress gradients in thin and small diameter features with less effort than traditional FEA tools.

Webinar outline:

  • Introducing the CAE industry’s “smartest” elements and unmatched post-processing
  • HyperMesh support – “What If” detail stress analysis on imported HyperMesh meshes
  • Linear, contact, large deformation and plasticity analysis in High-Definition (HD)
  • Advanced automatic convergence process delivering Guaranteed Reliability
  • “Break-Out” analysis associated with transition from the “Loads Model” to “Detailed Analysis Model”
  • See “less mesh, more math” coupled with HD results and quality that you can really trust

Who should attend? 

Any aerospace defense engineer or manager involved in detailed stress analysis and/or strength for coupon specimens, components, sub-assemblies or assemblies needs to see this revolutionary technology that offers a new level of confidence in solutions to demanding problems.

About StressCheck: 

StressCheck is an advanced FEA software product with parametric modeling capabilities and error control, providing state of the art analysis features for expert FEA analysts with best in class post-processing capabilities; simplified, yet safe and efficient, environment for design engineers based on an expandable Handbook framework and a COM API for inter process communication.

How is StressCheck useful to APA users? 

High fidelity stress analysis of components and parts, multi-body contact for sub-assemblies, global-local analysis capabilities to bridge the gap between vehicle and high fidelity detail/subassembly analysis.

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